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SG Ong Lai Chiffon Cake

SG Ong Lai Chiffon Cake


Did you know that we have our very own chiffon cake master in Singapore?

No, she is not only the best locally.

She is among the best internationally!


Dr. Susanne Ng is scientist-turned-chef instructor based in Singapore. She is  the author of four best-selling baking cookbooks and the founder of Deco  

Chiffon Cakes. Susanne started a buzz among baking communities with her  

first cookbook on Deco Chiffon Cakes in 2016, which shared the unheard-of  

remake of the traditional chiffon cake into all sorts of 3D designs. She has  

since gone on to publish 3 more best-selling cookbooks, including a Pusheen 

cookbook in the US.


Read More about her at the bottom of the page.



SGCCF is proud to collaborate with her to bring you SG Ong Lai Chiffon Cake!

“Ong Lai” in Hokkien which means prosperity comes in direct translation. As the Chinese tradition believes that luck and prosperity is very crucial, pineapple tarts is a must-have during Chinese New Year.

Now Pineapple Tarts in the form of a cake, this is the perfect lucky item to gift your family & friends.


Only 1000 sets available.


Susanne's Achievements

• Susanne’s novel chiffon cake creations went viral worldwide in 2017, when  

New York-based online news portal, Mashable reported about her cakes.  

Media outlets in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, the  Philippines and Japan then reported on her creations as well. Susanne has  

been featured in newspapers and magazines, both print and online,  



• Susanne has been featured by and collaborated with major brands all over the  world, from Sanrio, Pusheen, Disney and Carebears, to Cartoon Network,  

Nickolodean and Food Network etc. Learn more about Susanne and her  

creations on her social media channels: 


Instagram: @susanne.decochiffon 

  • Size & Care

    Size: 7 inches

    Store air tight in chiller to keep it fresh.

    As usual, we promote consuming fresh food. Consume within 2-3 days.

  • Date Selection

    Please key in your desired date in the "Notes" section.
    Our drivers will be in touch with you to confirm it.
    *We do not deliver on Sundays, CNY day 1, 2 & 3.

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