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Smoky Chee Cheong Fun

Smoky Chee Cheong Fun


Singapore-based SG Chee Cheong Fun drops a new flavour with Chef Han, a One-Michelin-Star Chef.


This collaborative flavour features 3 sauces and 2 toppings.

Premium Zesty Char Siew Sauce, Sambal Chilli, Bacon bits Oil, Toasted Sesame Seeds and You Tiao Puffs.


Ben and Han brings our local heritage to the table and reimagines it in a Christmas Roast perspective.


Some standout items include Premium Zesty Char Siew Sauce which uses sauce bases from Kwong Woh Hing, a sauce factory of 77 years specialized in the intricate art of traditional old school fermentation.


Top up $20 to enjoy limited-edition festive cold brews from Sanity Coffee Bar, a cozy coffee establishment helmed by girl boss Diya - one half of well-loved pop duo The Freshman (插班生).


Cherry Cherry Long Jiam Pass & Orh-Leng Syne 
Served in rustic glass bottles, these seasonal drinks are merrily curated to compliment SGCCF and to retain your sanity in this festive chaos. Have a Merry Citrus and stay SANE!

Serve 2 -4 people.

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